CETEC Biotechnology, is a new spin-off from the Technological Center of Footwear and Plastic of the Region of Murcia (CETEC). CETEC Biotechnology was born out of the essential belief that success of a company is linked to a firm commitment towards sustainability and protection of the environment. CETEC Biotechnology has been founded after more than 25 years of research at CETEC Technological Center of Plastic whose more relevant findings, protocols and methods have been transferred to the company.


CETEC Biotechnology has invested in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment as well as highly qualified human resources. We have assembled a multidisciplinary and highly experience team with skills that range across biotechnology, biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, engineering, sustainability and circular economy and business development.


Our team is collaborating with universities, research bodies and government to accelerate our work with the vision to bring ours products and services to market and provide a sustainable and economic alternative to face environmental problems.

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